About Detour

At Detour we believe that significant cultural and systemic change occurs when relationships are being fostered together while at the same time serving a particular purpose. Our heart is for Detour to be a place where people can take a ‘detour’ from the business of life to come and enjoy an incredible cup of coffee with some friends.


We strive to be a place where people’s lives intersect with each other and relationships are fostered through a living room environment and great coffee. At the same time there is also another purpose being fulfilled. As people come to enjoy coffee and fellowship they are also participating in the vision to bring change within our city and world.


With each cup of coffee at Detour we are connecting to and helping families across the world to better their lives and achieve their dreams through our exclusively “Fair Trade” coffee.


In addition, all of our profits go back into our city to transform the lives of those here that are in need of a “hand up”.

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